Wealth Management interactive database


We have created this database as a logical addition to our executive search and

career consultancy business.

Our executive search business the longest and the most successful line of business

that has put us on the map of Investment banking, Capital markets and wealth

management as a trusted advisor for many bulge bracket financial institutions and

asset managers.

Needless to say, that the market has changed and many of the players are using

their own internal recourses to save the costs of acquisition of new personnel.

The banks tend to hire the executive recruiters only in cases where they have

exhausted all their resources. The fees for the executive search services remain high

burden to many clients and the requirements to the potential candidates are very


We have identified two potential issues here which led us to creating the active

database as an alternative solution to our executive search and career consulting


1) Executive search services are not appropriate for smaller organisations or for

organisations with a developed internal recruitment service.

2) Plenty of candidates are left unattended since they “do not tick all boxes” for a

particular executive search mandate with a specific search criteria.

We have decided to create a platform where – we are narrowly focused on wealth

management, private banking and family offices businesses since we are actively

working in this area. We would like to give an opportunity to those candidates to

“be seen” and contacted DIRECTLY by as many employers as possible to save for

costs and time.

We would like to give smaller employers an opportunity to save their cost and

simplify the process of selection and interviewing these individuals, who match their

requirements with precise filtering, from our active live CV database.

We are not selling “the biggest database” of random cvs, which we have been

keeping for years – we give you the access only to those candidates – who authorise

us to be their guide and an assistant in their “active fast career move”.