Navigated search & career counselling


For individual consulting

I am currently a hands-on executive recruiter, and career consultant.

I am also a trusted advisor for a few banks, corporations, family offices and individuals in the

UK, Switzerland, Monaco and Russia responsible for their human capital acquisition and


As an executive search consultant with 20 years of international experience I can add value in

looking into your personal career case, assessing your phycological profile and your fit into

various organisations, including around diversity and inclusion.

As a career advisor and leadership mentor I am committed to enabling professionals to realise

their true potential by developing their current field or trying something new and reinvent


I will do my best to enable the executives with smooth transition, improving their negotiation

skills and resilience. I also see my role as a facilitator of your personal and career growth and


On practical side of business - I will consult individuals on their current job position,

including promotion, bonuses and suggest the solutions for difficult political moves within

the organisation structure, minimising the risks and tension.

If necessary, as a hands-on recruiter who is currently involved in at least 20 live searchers I

can consult you on resignation, non-competition, non-solicitation, gardening leave and

redundancy; advise you on “how to” format you cv and all supporting documents in a

“client-friendly” format.

I will also supply you with contacts of tax, legal and immigration and relocation trusted

advisors who will look after you in in case you move countries /relocate your family.

As a well-connected entrepreneur and an owner of the business I will be able to introduce

you directly to those individuals and business owners who are currently not actively

recruiting but are considering interesting cases, ideas and propositions.

My consultations are one to one in the central location in London. My appointments can be

booked at least 48 hours in advance (excluding weekends and public holidays) through our

website or app. , the confirmation will be sent to your email address automatically.

In order to make the process smooth and efficient we would suggest the following:

You will attach your CV and a cover letter highlighting the purpose of this meeting, the

goals you would like to achieve and the time lines you have to achieve those goals, the

preferred location of your employment / citizenship /work permit status , your family

situation (if necessary) - everything that will help me to count in all restrictions . If you have

been recently interviewed for some roles and have been refused, please supply me with all

relevant feedbacks beforehand as well as your comments on the feedbacks; “Why did it

happen to the best of your knowledge”. The list of you “Dream employers” in the priority

order. If you want to set up your own business or partner with another player - please supply

a presentation/teaser in PDF format.

The initial consultation is 2 hours, where you will describe your situation for 45 min, for the

next 45 min i will share my thoughts on your current situation, 30 min working out a plan of

actions together.