Liya Rozman at Credit Suisse

"I’ve known Elvira for many years as a reliable partner, one of the few headhunters who do their homework before contacting potential candidates. Elvira is professional, proactive and easy to deal with."

Antoni Ottfinowski at Investment Research Technology Sales, EMEA

"I worked with Elvira in two different companies. If we follow LinkedIn wisdom of 'pick your boss, not your job', I was extremely privileged to learn from her early in my career. Her knowledge of the market and understanding of clients' needs is second to none. At the same time, Elvira always treats candidates as partners, makes sure to understand their circumstances and has their best interest at heart."

Arseny Ulchenkov

Deputy CEO/CFO Mospromstroy

"I know Elvira as a well-established highly efficient professional in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management for well over 10 years.
She has an unusual ability of matching daring candidates with challenging opportunities. Being one of her lucky clients helped me to fulfill one of my long-nurtured dreams - managing an IPO; and I know for sure there are quite a few satisfied clients and more than a few candidates who share this view."

Nick Panfilov

Partner at Regency Wealth Management LTD

"I truly and honestly recommend Elvira for any function of your business. She’s the most hard working, loyal and honest person I know.

I can comfortably say that, as I worked with her on an summer intern basis from the age of 15 each and every summer until joining her full time in 2012.

Elvira has not only been a personal and family friend but also a mentor for me, through the best and worst times.

She taught me important lesson in both business and personal life, such as: study & know your field 100% in whatever industry you’re in/ have ethics so only do what is best and brings value to the individual, and finally have a personal life outside of work (she told me off when she found out that I, sometimes worked till 11pm and occasionally on weekends out of my own free will). Few of many that I still use each and every day (with the odd late night and weekend shift).

I can truly say that I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in today without the guidance, mentorship and all the time that Elvira invested in me.  

Nick "

Dmitry Betaneli


Uncharted Capital

"I know Elvira for over 15 years, and have worked with her in a number of projects. She is reliable, diligent and trustworthy. She deserves the highest marks for her professionalism!"

Erwin Parviz

Co-Founder at 100Nuts

"Elvira helped us hire some of the best candidates for our markets. Despite the scarcity of talents, our very demanding expectations and short timelines, she demonstrated impressive skills and delivered remarkable results.

Elvira is especially gifted to deal with complex searches and has an art to handle the tension which can arise occasionally during the last steps of a negotiation or when a high profile candidate is about to resign.

Especially smart and nimble, she understands very swiftly the dynamic of the businesses she is asked to assist. This aptitude, combined with a rare psychological subtlety make her impressively effective.

Talent and professionalism aside, Elvira is simply the type of headhunter you want to have by your side: highly trustworthy, discrete and loyal." 

Kuat Andagulov

Director , Deutsche Bank Zurich

Elvira is a very well-connected professional with good networkand knowledge of the industry. She knows the market and was very helpful, happy to recommend.